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programs start June 1!
Sessions for all ages and skill levels

Weekly shinny games are available!


"Where you control the game"



Controlling the game

     Here at CTG, we are an elite group of on and off-ice trainers, that have trained at the highest level.  Our on-ice hockey trainers have ALL played professional hockey, with a high in-depth knowledge of fitness and health to optimize everyone's desired goal.  Our skating coach represented Team Canada in multiple events where she won a gold medal in figure skating.   We have come together and created a program that will give each individual the skills that they need to make their dreams become a reality.

     The biggest difference between CTG and other training programs is that we keep it game situational.  We limit the cones, danglers, and other gadgets that we have on the ice, if any, as there is not one of those items on the ice during a game.  You want to learn how to become a better hockey player?  Learn how to play and think the game properly with drills that will challenge you into becoming a better hockey player!



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Contact me here if you have questions.  Looking forward to speaking with you!

Justin MAcDonald

Owner and Head Trainer

Courtice, Ontario

Cell: 910-670-6004


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